Founded 1984 in Berlin, Marquee Moon soon developed into one of the driving forces behind German gothic.

The band’s name goes back to the title of the classic debut album of the NY band Television, as well as a line from a song of The Damned.

In the very same year, Marquee Moon's debut single "Don’t Go Out Tonight" was released, with the original singer leaving shortly afterwards

and two of the other band members taking his part. The line-up at that point was Nigel Degray (vocals/guitar), Hanzy Nischwitz (guitars), Humphy Sabothe (bass/vocals/keyboards) and Tom Petersen (drums/percussion).

The single was followed in 1985 by their first (mini) album "Beyond The Pale", seeing them go on tour with legendary US punk rockers The Ramones shortly after the release and manifesting an ever increasing interest in the band.