In 1986 then, with the impact of the NDW ebbing away and the interest in dark music growing in Germany, Marquee Moon released their second album "Strangers In The Monkeybiz" with the single "Here Today and Gone Tomorrow" lifted from that album, which was their most respected release and biggest success so far.

They toured with X-Mal Deutschland and Red Lorry Yellow Lorry and thus managed to increase their fame.

1987 saw the release of another single, entitled "Land Of The Lonely", which was followed in 1989 by the next album, "Future Patrol".
Here Marquee Moon already did what was later to become a trend and brought so-called innovative bands huge success: the fusion of gothic with elements from industrial and metal music.

At the beginning of the nineties, it became quiet around the band with the members of the core line-up going their own ways.