It was not until early 1994 when they finished their first demotape "Suspira" that things changed, but then everything happened almost overnight.

When sending around their tape, they did not get response from any of the Australian record companies but Los Angeles based Cleopatra Records – at that time undoubtedly the most important gothic label in the United States – replied within one week.

The band recorded six more tracks, rerecorded and mixed the four tracks from the "Suspira" cassette and sent the results to Cleopatra, who in return offered them a three album deal.
These ten songs became Big Electric Cat's debut album, "Dreams Of A Mad King", which was released in September of that very year and received rave reviews all over.

About one year after its release, at the end of 1995, "Dreams Of A Mad King" was followed up by a remix EP entitled "Burning Embers", containing more dancefloor-oriented electronic mixes of five tracks from their debut.