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Diadem Years

1.   Here Today And Gone
Tomorrow (Extended)
2.   Virgin Summer
3.   When The World
Goes Blind
4.   (In Absence Of) Cypriss
5.   The Girl In The Garden
6.   I'm In Love
7.   Soul Of Secrets
8.   Runaway Girl
9.   Marionette
10.   Feel So Tired


11.   Land Of The Lonely
12.   Flying Robert
13.   Beyond The Pale
14.   Candy And The
Golden Flies
15.   She's A Dancer
16.   Prince Of Darkness
17.   The Poison Is Working
18.   Hyacinth Hideout
19.   Vicious Way
20.   Here Today And Gone

Contains all Diadem Records album tracks, all b-sides, and the "Beyond The Pale" Mini-LP.