An Untold Release

Inspired Hating
Because I Don't Need Your Senseless Words
Among Your Thoughts For Pretty Girls Waifly Flowering
I've Seen Through All The Lies I Am Laughing
Preciously Destroyed I LeaveYou Wasting
I Dreamed For You Once Never Again No More Ties With You
And Your Shallow Desires I Give To You
And You'll Lay Bare When All Your Dusts Age In Silence
Too Long Too Far And Out Of Reach Now Forever More
And Those Who Believed And Shared Common Ground
And Lost The Love In Spite Of That Very One Thing
I've Taken To Despise Your Very Sight
I've Taken To Despise You !
I Would Surrender, I Would Crawl
I Would Take This With Me, But I Can't
You're Not Worth Enough
Step Outside Look Back At What It Was
Are You Still Dreaming ?