Thine Adversary

An Incision Of My Own Bride
Eternal Decension
The Pull Of The Guillotine
Crosses And Angels Burning In The Seas Of Death
Chasing Typhon, Screaming, Chanting
Unto The Endless
Until All Ends Here
I Am Treason, Shrouded In Treason
I Am Your Fear Strength And Weakness
I Prostitute Myself With Fools
High Above And Ancient
I Am The Priest, The Blood, The Rape
In You The Submission Of Your Reason
Let Us Descend Into Treachery
And Liberty Will Grace Us
As Angels In Your Heart
I Am Sin, But I Am You
Torpid Lessons Befall Hateful Worlds
The Smell Of Scorched Hair
Spreading Tendrils To Emaciate Those Words
"The Ungodly", Charred Flesh Seeds Breeds
Into The Last Thread
The Vision Gift The Enema You Are
Embraces The Bride, It's Inside
I Am Inside
I Am Treason, I Am Your Fear, Strength And Weakness
I Ask To Die, To Prevail