Press Release ( 24 / 02 / 2001 )

This Burning Effigy are dead, a question of anachronism? After nearly 10 years "sporadic activity", TBE are as of now defunct. The band feel that things have come to their natural conclusion. Basically, scenes and fashions change, and despite what they call their tongue-in-cheek remixes on their last release, the band feel that the current musical climate is not something they feel comfortable with. According to Steve: "Being in a goth band is by definition an anachronism. Being what has become known as a 'trad goth' band is going a little too far, even for us!" (Do trad goths have to wear black Aran jumpers and smoke pipes?) Ger has temporarily decamped to Dublin, I will be keeping myself out of trouble playing guitar for new band NFD (ex Neph people etc). We may do a 'last gig' proper if the right circumstances arise ...we'll see..."